Curriculum Support

Our Curriculum Sport Support for independent schools integrates physical education into the academic curriculum, providing students with regular opportunities to engage in sports and physical activities. This program includes structured PE lessons, after-school sports clubs, and competitive team opportunities.

Activities Include:

One-on-One mentoring
Personalized attention to address specific academic challenges.

Full rugby development
Individualised , specific rugby team training plan


  1. Improved Physical Health: Regular physical activity promotes overall health and fitness, reducing the risk of obesity and related diseases.
  2. Enhanced Academic Performance: Studies show that regular physical activity can improve concentration, memory, and classroom behavior, leading to better academic outcomes.
  3. Skill Development: Students develop essential motor skills, coordination, and athletic abilities.
  4. Increased Student Engagement: Physical activities can make school more enjoyable and engaging, improving attendance and participation.
  5. Holistic Development: Sports education fosters teamwork, leadership, and resilience, contributing to students’ personal growth.