Our Primary School Camps are designed to provide an enriching and engaging experience for young students during school holidays. These camps offer a variety of activities, including arts and crafts, sports, science experiments, and more, ensuring a balanced mix of fun and learning.

Arts and Crafts
Painting, drawing, and creating various projects to stimulate creativity.

Introduction to different sports, promoting physical activity and teamwork

Team-Building Games
Activities designed to develop social skills and cooperation.


  1. Comprehensive Enrichment: Camps provide a wide range of activities that promote creativity, physical fitness, and intellectual growth, ensuring that children continue to learn and develop during school holidays.
  2. Skill Development: Children enhance their social, cognitive, and motor skills through diverse activities.
  3. Safe and Supervised Environment: Camps offer a secure setting supervised by trained staff, giving parents peace of mind.
  4. Parental Convenience: Reliable and structured childcare solutions during holidays help parents manage their schedules more effectively.
  5. Positive Social Interaction: Camps encourage children to make new friends, develop teamwork skills, and build confidence through group activities.