Reading & Sport

Welcome to our dynamic Primary School Reading and Sport Programme! Designed to foster both academic growth and physical development, our innovative approach combines tailored reading sessions with invigorating sports activities.

During our half-day sessions, students engage in targeted reading exercises, selected by the school to address individual needs, and enhance literacy skills. Our dedicated instructors work closely with students, providing guidance and support to ensure maximum progress.

In the second half of the day, students dive into the world of sports, with a choice of rugby, gymnastics, or multi-sports activities. Our PE lessons are designed to promote teamwork, physical fitness, and coordination, while instilling a love for an active lifestyle.


  • With a focus on achieving 60 minutes of daily exercise
  • Promotes physical fitness while instilling a love for reading, fostering a well-rounded approach to education and health.
  • Led by positive role models, students not only develop athletic skills but also experience positive behavioural and attendance changes.
  • Supports the development of your staff by providing them with resources and training to promote healthy lifestyles and holistic student growth.