Our Secondary School Camps offer a blend of academic reinforcement and personal growth opportunities during school holidays. These camps include tutoring, leadership training, and a variety of recreational activities.

Academic Enrichment
Tutoring sessions and study groups to reinforce learning.

Sport-Specific camps
Training tailored to enhance performance in particular sports such as rugby, football, or athletics.


  1. Academic Reinforcement: Camps provide additional tutoring and academic support, helping students stay on track with their studies.
  2. Personal Growth Opportunities: Leadership training and personal development workshops build confidence, resilience, and leadership skills.
  3. Physical and Recreational Activities: Encourages a healthy lifestyle and provides a break from academic stress through outdoor adventures and sports.
  4. Social Skills Development: Team-building activities and social interaction help students improve their communication and teamwork abilities.
  5. Parental Peace of Mind: Structured and supervised camps offer reliable childcare and enrichment during holidays.