Breakfast clubs, lunch and after school’s clubs

Inclusive and Engaging Sports Clubs for All

Welcome to our vibrant and dynamic Breakfast, Lunch, and After-School Clubs! At our clubs, we believe in the power of combining fun with learning, which is why we offer a diverse range of activities including rugby, gymnastics, and multi-sports, tailored to meet the needs of all students, including those with special needs.

Start the Day Right
Our Breakfast Club ensures children can fuel up for the day ahead with nutritious meals while engaging in inclusive sports activities. These activities are designed to be accessible and enjoyable for all students, providing a great start to the day.

Lunchtime Recharge
During lunch breaks, our clubs offer the perfect opportunity for students to unwind and recharge. With a variety of sessions in rugby, gymnastics, or multi-sports, every child can participate in a way that suits their abilities and interests.

After-School Fun
After the final bell rings, our After-School Clubs provide a fantastic outlet for children to release energy, socialize, and develop their skills in a supportive and inclusive environment. Activities are adapted to ensure every student can join in and benefit from the experience.

Experienced and Supportive Coaches
Our experienced coaches focus on fostering both physical fitness and personal growth. They are trained to support children with special needs, ensuring all activities are inclusive and promote active, healthy lifestyles while having a blast.

Join us and discover the joy of learning through sports at our Breakfast, Lunch, and After-School Clubs! Our programs are designed to be inclusive, ensuring every child can participate, grow, and have fun.


Unlock a world of benefits with our Breakfast, Lunch, and After-School Clubs featuring rugby, gymnastics, and multi-sports! Fuel your child’s day with a nutritious start at our Breakfast Club, where they’ll kick off the morning with energy-boosting activities, setting the tone for a day of success.

During lunch breaks, our clubs offer a refreshing pause from academics, allowing children to recharge with exciting sports sessions. Whether they’re scoring tries on the rugby field, mastering flips in gymnastics, or exploring a variety of sports in our multi-sports program, every moment is filled with fun, fitness, and friendship.

After the final bell rings, our After-School Clubs provide the perfect outlet for kids to unwind, socialize, and further develop their athletic abilities. With expert coaching and a supportive environment, children can thrive as they hone their skills, build confidence, and embrace a love for an active lifestyle.

From improved physical health and coordination to enhanced social skills and confidence, our clubs offer a holistic approach to child development that’s as enriching as it is enjoyable. Join us and watch your child soar to new heights both on and off the field!

How long is the programme

Join us for action-packed Breakfast, Lunch, and After-School Clubs featuring rugby, gymnastics, and multi-sports! Each session lasts approximately an hour, offering the perfect balance of fun and fitness to fuel your child’s day.

To maximize engagement and progress, we recommend working with each year group for a half term at a time. This structured approach allows for focused learning and skill development while ensuring that every child receives the attention and support they need to succeed.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity for your child to thrive both on and off the field – enroll them in our exciting clubs today!


Sign up to our dynamic Breakfast, Lunch, and After-School Clubs featuring rugby, gymnastics, and multi-sports at competitive rates! Starting at just £40 per hour, our programs offer exceptional value for a high-quality experience.

However, our pricing is bespoke and tailored to each school and program, ensuring that you receive a personalized and cost-effective solution that meets your specific needs and budget.

Unlock the benefits of our engaging clubs without breaking the bank – contact us today to discuss pricing options and get started on your child’s journey to active, healthy living!